Tears to Tiara 07


Tears to Tiara 07Warriors of Gael!

For the sake of our tribe’s honor, and for the sake of fighting until the end,

we must train ourselves hard!

Listen, this is what is known as festina lente!

“Festina lente,” as in make haste slowly?

Essentially, impatience is one’s greatest enemy.

Even if one rushes forth impatiently,

without the ability to back it up, one will be stopped.

That’s why, in order to become strong, one must put in great effort.

If you understand, let’s—

Hey! Don’t tell me the chief is going to slack first?!

You’re stealing food again!

I’m not stealing!

I asked Limwris.

Yes, she did.

Morgan, if you fool around here,

my brother will scold you.

But training every single day like this is enough to demotivate anyone!

I have been practicing milking,

but I am hardly making any progress…

I am losing my motivation too…


That’s why you should go let off some steam once in a while.

Well, I am not sure if this will help you let off some steam…

What is it?

What? What?

A gladiator tournament?!


A gladiator tournament, huh?

That’s so exciting!

I know, right?!

Time for some action!


Just think about it.

There’s a possibility that people of the Empire will be participating.

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