Tears to Tiara 06


Tears to Tiara 06What’s that?

Lord Arawn.

Who are you?

Yes, I am Llyr.

On behalf of my people, I have come to congratulate you on your revival.

You are of the elves?

Yes, the passage for the elves opened and I came here with great haste.

I was a little tired, so I wanted to take a rest,

but before I knew it,

I was pulled back into the ocean by the high tide.

I-I see.

There are tides here, aren’t there?

I forgot about that…

Once again, I congratulate you on your revival!

I was ordered to provide my service to you, Lord Arawn.



Then do your best.



You’re pretty good!

A seal?

What? Only the skin?

What’s the matter?

Lord Arawn, this…

I can’t light this wet wood.

Then use this.


The skin of a seal.


It washed up on the shore.

On the shore?

Yeah, it has quite a bit of fat, so it should be highly flammable.

It was really easy to light! Yay!

Everyone, enjoy yourselves!

Llyr, you too.

Thank you very much.


This must be the one I caught!

Didn’t you say you were tired of crab?

What did you say?

It’s probably the wine that’s delicious.

You got me…

Morgan, don’t drink too much or you’ll…

I’m fine, I’m fine!

Are you all right, Morgan?

Watch how much you drink.

Bring it on! I can still drink more…

Gosh, Morgan…

She’ll never learn.

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