Tears to Tiara 05


Tears to Tiara 05Where exactly are they hiding?

Lord Gaius, judging by the ocean currents,

I am afraid it is likely they went southwest of the islands.


What should we do now?

Head to Londinium.


Yeah, I have something to do.

Yes, sir…

Well, we need to relax before a big battle.

Tell the troops we’ll be resting for a bit.

Yes, sir!

What do you think?

In order to revive the castle,

I’ve removed the barrier from the Gate of Life.

It’s only a matter of time before they find us.

It’s still too early for war.

That does not mean they will wait until we are ready.

I know that.

Not to mention that we do not have enough weaponry.

It’s about time we did something about this situation.

That’s right.

Wait for me!

Hurry up!

We’re going out.


Pumpkin, pumpkin, big pumpkin!

This will be enough to serve everyone.


Limwris! Ermin!

Shall we have Gael-style hotpot for dinner tonight?

Not again—

What’s wrong?

Nothing… Gael-style hotpot is good.


Correct. Hotpot.

Let’s pray that it’s not crab hotpot again.

Let’s pray.

Are you two slacking again?


Now that I’ve finally returned to my castle, can’t you let me express my feelings a little?

As chief, you should lead the hunting party to feed your people!

That is the way of the Gael—

Fine, fine, I’ve heard enough that.

Just come with me!

Don’t pull!

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