Tears to Tiara 04


Tears to Tiara 04So we’ve made it this far.


Live, and let’s meet again.

Shall we swear by those words, and by this final battle?

Not by this battle,

but by the new world we will now create.

So this is the island of Albion!

This is the land of our ancestors.

Nothing much seems to have changed since then.

Perhaps. Who knows?

Let’s head to the Castle of Avalon first.

We’ll be able to see Avalon after we pass through this forest.

The castle of the master of this land, huh?

That master is also the king of elves, right?


I’ve heard that elves often use magic to play tricks on humans.

Will we be fine?

I never would’ve expected the descendant of Pwyll to say such things.

Lord Arawn, I want to meet the elves.

Perhaps we will even become friends!

Do you really think elves exist?


I don’t believe in them at all!



You’ll see them soon.



What’s the matter?

We need somewhere big enough for our tribe to settle.

That’s right.

Will the master agree?

He might not accept your request, however…

Lord Arawn?

You’re right.

Why are we asking him?

Because he is the master.


You can ask yourself that.

Well, whatever.

Whatever my ass!

As our chief, it’s your duty to take care of our tribe!

Oh, you rude brat.

This place is creepy…

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