Tears to Tiara 03


Tears to Tiara 03We, the Gael tribe, will abandon the island of Erin…

and head toward the island of Albion.

The abundant land of Albion is much better than that of Erin.

The harvest will be better and the livestock will be healthier and bigger.

The migration will be tough, but let’s work hard together!

Were you the one behind their decision to go to Albion?

Is it not a good thing?

How magnificent.

This reminds me of the army we assembled on the outskirts of Albion.

Don’t be silly, this is nowhere near that.

Nevertheless, both are magnificent, aren’t they?

Who’s there?!

You over there in black! Let’s have a duel!

Who are you?

It doesn’t matter, just fight me now!

It’s not over!

You lose.

Kill me.

I’ve lost this battle of honor, so kill me!

I don’t understand what’s going on.

Arawn, what are you doing here?

Isn’t that Morgan?


You’re saying that the Empire seized our ships?!

Didn’t I tell you that nothing must go wrong?!

I’m sorry, Arthur.

Do you think you can get away with just an apology?

We must punish anyone who makes a mistake—


Arthur, as the First Warrior, how do you plan to deal with this?

I was the one who ordered Morgan to prepare the ships.

I should be held responsible.


Don’t say any more.

We of the Gael tribe are true to our covenants.

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