Tears to Tiara 02


Tears to Tiara 02I’m not interested in this nonsense.

More importantly, are you planning to open your eyes?

But I…

I don’t think this is the time to hesitate.

Let me share my eyes and ears with you so you can see clearly.

So you are not going to kill me?

You bastard…

My brother is here to save me…

However, as long as you are under his control,

both you and your brother will be killed.

But that is no longer a problem.

Please tell my brother on my behalf.

Ask him to leave quickly.

Also, please tell him that I am sorry.

I, Riannon, have already lost the power of the true name.

I can no longer protect the honor and covenant of our tribe.

I am not worthy of my brother and the others coming to rescue me,

so please tell him to leave quickly.

Honestly, why?

Why are you saying such things?


What is this red liquid?

Is it blood?

I see, I am connected to Lord Arawn,

and this is his heart.

I feel a deep rage and an even deeper sorrow…

I see, these are tears of blood.

Why is he…

Why is he feeling such sadness toward me?

Why is he so concerned about me?


I can feel my heart burning.

It is beating wildly…

I can see the Morning Star…

I wonder why…

Such a soft and gentle ray of light…

It feels like the world is changing…

I am… free.


So you’re able to do it after all.

That’s good.

Now, O’ Demon King!

Be free to tear up and devour the sacrifice!


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