Tears to Tiara 01


Tears to Tiara 01According to the Emerald Book:

There was an Age of Gold.

There was an Age of Silver.

There was an Age of Bronze.

Then there was the Age of Dragons, the Age of Giants, the Age of Elves,

and right now, we are in the Age of Iron.

It is also known as…

the Age of Humans.

O’ Morning Star, everything will be fine, will it not?

O’ Morning Star, the guardian star of our Gael tribe,

please grant me courage.

Brother, you understand too, do you not?

A small twinkling in the stars has told me that the fated time has come.

Please grant me the determination to surmount this danger…

Please grant me the courage to accomplish this task, no matter what happens, without fear or panic.

O’ Morning Star, please watch me.

So it is hidden in such a place.

I am the High Priest of the Divine Empire, Drwc!

Listen carefully, you savages!

This village is now under the control of our empire!

Anyone who objects, come forth at once!

We shall let our swords and our capabilities decide everything!

Silence, I see.

Soldiers, start setting fire to draw them out!

If anyone resists, slash off their ears and gauge out their eyes-

Please wait.

Young lady, where are the others?

My brother and the others went out hunting.

They will not be back until the day after tomorrow.

That I know.

I am asking the whereabouts of the remaining women and children.

There is no one left besides me.

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