Penguin Musume Heart 22


Penguin Musume Heart 22Let’s go!




Double Straight Max!

How’s that?

Learn your lesson, fiend!

Our power of friendship is the light of justice that crushes evil.

Huh? She’s gone.

Did she fall?

Our fists didn’t work… On her?

You pass, Sakura.


What’s this about “passing”, you’re an enemy?!

Are you making fun of us?

Penguin, let’s give her another Double Straight.

What are you shaking for?



The World will be Destroyed so Run!

Why is mama over here?

Mama you say?

What do you mean?

That’s the enemy president, right?

She was an enemy a few seconds ago, but now she’s mama.

It’s strange.

Why is your mama doing these horrible things to you?

My mama is the world’s strictest and scariest mama.

You have to clean up!

I’m sorry.

You can’t take your sister’s toys!

I’m sorry.

A date? What about studying?

I-I’m sorry.

Could it be that because of that, she became such a perverted girl?

But why didn’t I notice it’s mama?

Because she had a mole.

That’s why I didn’t notice.

Notice it!

Yes, it’s mama.

It’s been five years, Sakura.

Was mama’s exam fun?


I wanted to know how Sakura grew after I left the house for work five years ago.

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