Penguin Musume Heart 21


Penguin Musume Heart 21In such a raged down shape, what can you do?

It’s not raged down.

It’s my beloved Etorofu cosplay attire.


Sakura & Kujira! Togeher we are Magi Cure.


I’m counting on you, Kujira.


Man! That Penguin in nothing but trouble.

Even if it’s you, climbing that is impossible.

Sebastian, bring the helicopter.

I don’t want your help.


From here on, I’ll do it myself.

Save Sakura-oneesama, please.

Stay safe until I get there, Penguin.

Etorofu Straight!

Etorofu Kick!

That’s weird. I can’t hit her.

Even though I’m cosplaying as Etorofu-san.

Let’s stop playing around, Sakura.

My Etorofu-san cosplay attire was…

I hate such a frowned expression.

I’ll have to train you a little.

Yes, that’s it! You’re cute, Sakura!

Save me!

I’m scared of Ms. Stalker and my legs won’t work.

Kuma-san is in a lot of trouble.

Etorofu-san, we’ll go save her now.

Stop it. This is a trap to capture you.


I wonder how far you can run?

D-D-Don’t come!

When did you become such a pathetic girl, Sakura?

Etorofu-san was worried about something like this.

And yet, I…

Cool your head, fool!

Courage and recklessness are different.

You’re pathetic, Etorofu-san!

I’ve done… something horrible.

What are you spacing out for, Sakura?


Etorofu-san, why am I so weak?

I’m so scared of Ms.Stalker, I can’t even move.

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