Penguin Musume Heart 20


Penguin Musume Heart 20Kuma-san, I’m coming to save you now.

Nankyoku Sakura, costume change, power up!

Sakura in trouble?!

Oh, Sakura… my Sakura… how cute…

Hey, you!

What are you planning?

Who are you, anyways?

It’s Sakura’s and my time from here on.

I don’t need a lure anymore.

You… in order to lure Penguin, you…

Just for that, you put my White Knights through so much trouble?!

You! I won’t forgive you!

I couldn’t see her move at all…

She’s strong.

I don’t like disobedient girls.


Ah… my beloved Sakura…

You, what are you going to do with Penguin?!

What am I going to do?

Isn’t it obvious?

With these hands, I will love her.

She’s crazy…

The person she loves the most is me.

Her joy, her happiness, her cries of sorrow… are all mine.

That’s why I’m the only person who gets to torture her!

Penguin… this woman is crazy…

Be careful…


Jyan!! Magical girl of justice, Magical Penguin!

Demon, you’re going to be deported!

Kuma-san! I’m here to save you.

Kuma-san! I’m here, don’t worry.


I wanted to meet you, Sakura.

What is it, all of a sudden?

Who are you, onee-san?

Don’t hug me so suddenly.

W-What are you doing?

Let me go!

Sakura’s taste…

My pictures are all around here!

You… you’re a stalker!

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