Penguin Musume Heart 19


Penguin Musume Heart 19Onee-sama went to save Marie-san?


It’s an emergency situation.

Let’s hurry, Etorofu-san.

I’m…not going.

My Otome

Cha Chi-chan…

Cha Chi-chan!

This is nothing compared to Kujira’s punch.

I wonder how long your powers will last.

Slow! You’re so slow!

Sh-She’s strong…

Cha Chi-chan.

If it’s come to this, I have to use my ultimate technique.

Ultimate technique?

A technique that uses all of Chi’s energy and blasts it in the enemy.

If you use that, what will happen to you?

Even if Chi is defeated, Kujira will take care of everything.

Well, Kujira is Chi’s hero after all.

Cha Chi-chan…

Kujira will surely come.

That’s why you must protect Penguin.

No, I shall fight as well.

Wh-What are you doing?

If we fight together, our chances to win go up, right?

You’d better not drag Chi down…

My, my… You’d better not collapse, Cha Chi-chan.

Let’s go!


I don’t care what will happen…to that air-head.

I’m a martial artist.

I can tell just how dangerous an opponent is.

Yet, she ignored my warning.

Who does she think I said that for?

You…are worried aren’t you?

About Onee-sama…

I-It’s not like I’m worried.

I’m not…

I’m not…


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