Penguin Musume Heart 18


Penguin Musume Heart 18A Lovely Incident

Is everyone alright?

Yes, somehow.

Man, I’m all messed up.

Stupid Aka-chan. The Zombie Operation was dangerous.

I mustn’t cry.

That’s why the vice-president always says I’m not trustworthy.

You can do it, Riff!

Weird girl.

Anyway, let’s get the cardkey from her and get back.

Uhm, are you alright?

I don’t want any of you to worry…

But you will all be taken care of here.

What did you say?

I’m sorry!

Hand over the cardkey!

We won’t hurt you.

If I do, the president will get mad at me.

Then, it can’t be helped.

A weak-looking girl like you has no chance against us.


Etorufu Kujira? Why are you here?

You’ve become our enemy, Etorofu Kujira.

Then I won’t hold back on you!


What are you doing?

It’s working fine.

I was right that my hallucinogen gas works best in an enclosed space.

That is?

Illusion Aroma Therapy. It’s a scent that makes you see things.

Now I only have to wait for you people to beat each other.

With this, I can’t make any mistakes.

I see. So this is your doing.


Yes, completely.

I made another stupid mistake.

In that case: another Illusion Aroma Therapy.

I’m not seeing anything, except you.

My aroma isn’t working? Why? Why?

In that case…

Maguro, Mary, Kiyomi

Annihilate this girl!

Yes, ojou-sama!

We’ll give you a hard time!

Everyone, open your eyes!

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