Penguin Musume Heart 17


Penguin Musume Heart 17The preparations for lunch are ready, Ojou-sama!

Freshly poured water…

Freshly bought sweet bread…

It even has a prize.

We’re really poor, aren’t we?

I’m sorry. It really doesn’t match your tastes.

I’m getting used to eating like a commoner.

I’m jealous that you get along so well.

What’s with her?

I-I’m sorry.

I am the Administrator Executive of Kurobara Communications, Riff.

The writing is horrible.

Is that Marie Chupacabra White Bear-san?


You are. I’m so happy.

I-I’m kind of embarrassed

To have to bother you like this.

What are you talking about?

It’s sudden, but I’ll have to take you, Marie-san.

Sleeping Aroma Therapy.

What is this sweet scent?

Sleeping Gas?

Don’t worry and fall asleep.

Don’t worry and…

YOU’RE going to sleep?

Rozen no Tsukaima

What a weirdo.

Ojou-sama, do you know her?

I don’t know this idiot.

What did she come here for, anyway?

Like she said, to get you.

There was another one.

I…was careless.


Out of the way!

Hey, Riff, get up!

Aka-chan, you’re fast.


You always fail if I don’t come with you.

I’m the Chief, you’re supposed to do the work

Sorry, Aka-chan

During missions, call me Chief.

Somehow, we completed the mission to abduct the little Shirokuma.

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