Penguin Musume Heart 16


Penguin Musume Heart 16Try to sell it as high as you can.


Who would have thought that Onee-sama’s Takenoko-chan collection would save us.

Takenoko-chan is the friend of good folks!

It’s all my fault.

But, this is what I wished for.

To change my past with Penguin.

From here on, only peaceful days will follow.

I won’t be dragged around by her anymore.

But…because she was there…

If Penguin’s not around…it’s boring!!!

Go! Time Penguin!

I have to send the me from the past back.

Hey, Sis!

She knows about me…did she get confessed to already?

Say, did you see that girl?

You know, that girl I saved.

Did she pass through here?

Did something happen?

At the shrine, the chaperone came to pick her up.

Oh, a chaperone is a person not an animal.

It’s the first time I met one.

And then?

It seems that girl disappeared.

The chaperone went to look for her, and so did I and Nene.


I’m sure….it’s my fault.

I did something bad.

I made that girl cry.

Let’s look together! Come!

Oh, wait!

She hasn’t come through here but maybe she’s this way.

Penguin, where are you?

I get this weird feeling.

Huh? About what?

The way you run, it’s kind of like how Dad runs.

You also look like my little brother.

So being lovers is impossible after all.

Fool. What are you talking about?

Let’s hurry and find that girl!

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