Penguin Musume Heart 16


Penguin Musume Heart 16Oh, right. We are fiancéed-like people.

Not lovers but engaged?

Hey, are you alright?

It doesn’t hurt anywhere.

S-Sis. I’ve fallen in love with you

I love you, Sis.

Mr. Good-looking….

Hold on….

Mr. Good-looking, you idiot!

You’re engaged to Ms. Miko, you said I was cute, you fell in love with this lady!

You’re horrible Mr. Good-looking!


That girl…was she in love with Kujira?

I like her too, but I like Sis better.

Look here…

You can’t be in love with me!


Oh, I don’t care that you are older.

That’s not the problem!

Anyway, be good and forget all about me! Got it?



I did something bad to Penguin.

But I erased my embarrassing past.

The girl who leapt through time.

Why is this place a parking lot?

White Bear Tower!

That Kuma, when did she revive?

Huh? Where is Penguin’s house?


Penguin-chan is gone!


Our school is gone.



I was worried because you disappeared.

Forget that. Where’s Penguin?

Wasn’t she with you?

Who’s Penguin?

What do you mean? Penguin. Penguin!

Sakura, Nankyoku Sakura!


You mean the one who lost to Mary-ojousama?

If it’s Nankyoku, I heard they were living on the edge of town but…


I’ll be leaving now, Sakura-ojousama.

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