Penguin Musume Heart 15


Penguin Musume Heart 15Then become stronger, Kujira.

This mark is proof that you’ve become a real man, and achieved heavenly strength

Proof of a man? I’ll try my best and become stronger.

Well said. Right, I’ll give you a special mark.


Oh… shit! Oh well, you can’t change a man’s fate.

Is it done?

Kujira, the mark of a man, will shine when you bring out your inner man.

I’ll bring out the man in me.

And like that, I was always raised as a boy.

Where did I go?

I will never forget…

Our first meeting, at the shopping district.

Ahhh… that’s right.

This is the precious money for the Majjoko DVD.

So I can’t just give it to you guys.

We never said you should give it to us.

Just lend us some of it.

I’m sorry, I can’t.

I’ll give it back.

Etorofu Death Kick!

Who are you?

Etorofu Straight!

What were you doing?

I’ll be your opponent.

What a cool boy.

Are you OK?

Wow, you’re REALLY cute!

What’s this, so sudden?

Sorry, sorry. You’re so cute I just…

A cute strong good-looking boy.

Are you alone?

No, I came with a chaperone, now I’m waiting for him.

Waiting for a sheep?

You’re interesting.

Well… be careful going back.

See you!

Mr. Good-looking…

I’ll take it from here.

You over there, wait.


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