Penguin Musume Heart 15


Penguin Musume Heart 15I remember too.

Confirm identity and mission code please.

Nankyoku Sakura, CQQ7QRAD


This is the time machine built by the Nankyoku company: Time-Penguin X1!

Time machine?! For real?

Back to the 6 years ago!

Amazing, you have a lot of stuff made, Pen-chan!

This is bad. This is really bad.

We’ll go to the past with this!

You may not.


We’ll just go for a little while and be right back…

Even if it’s Ojou-sama, I will not permit the use of Time-Penguin X1!

Yes, yes, I understand.

Those eyes, they are aiming for the next chance.

Time travelling would produce an unknown amount of danger.

You don’t know how you could change the past, you might not even come back.

Change the past?

I see, we can just change it…

Right, let’s go back.

Wait, Sebastian, you meanie!

Miss Etorofu and Miss Kurio, please join us.

Suddenly, my stomach…

I must use the toilet.

Please come.

I’ll go on ahead.

Penguin, I’m sorry, but I’ll change the past.

Fly to the day I first met Penguin.

Did I make it?

Where is this?

It’s really 6 years ago.

Etorofu Straight!

Etorofu Death Kick!

Etorofu Whale Strike!

Ya! Ya! Ya!

It’s me.

Alright, that’s it for today’s training.


Dad! I want the same dogi as you!

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