Penguin Musume Heart 15


Penguin Musume Heart 15That is very rude!

Of course I’ve had a boy confess to me.

For real? Who’d confess to this perverted girl?

It’s true, I remember it as clear as the first Takenoko-chan episode.

You see? You’re confusing anime with reality.

Six years ago there was no Takenoko-chan.

Oh, Pen-chan, you were confessed to in your childhood?

I will never forget.

Our first meeting, at the shopping district.

Wow, you’re REALLY cute!

It’s still embarrassing to think about.

Is the shopping district somewhere to go?

And then? And then?

I’m glad you’re listening!

From here on, it’s the real thing.

After we parted at the shopping district…

We met again at the shrine.

He was with a shrine maiden, his childhood friend, and he confessed to me.

A shrine maiden childhood friend?

Oh? Perhaps, the boy who confessed to you was…

Fool! You can’t tell her that!

He said it in such a manly way, “I love you!”.

“It seems I love you!”.

Sorry if it’s sudden…

But I can’t help it, I love you.


So you don’t believe me at all?

Then, we’ll have to go in the past and I’ll prove it!

This way.

Don’t tell me that the boy confessed to Penguin when she was a kid was…

That would be way too embarrassing.

I remember, when Kurija was raised as a boy and came over to the shrine.

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