Penguin Musume Heart 14


Penguin Musume Heart 14At the student council meeting…

Onscreen: Hokkyou Academy Student Council Regular Meeting

I’m telling you.

Today is the day the Takanoko-chan V DVD goes on sale

Oh? And?

So if I don’t hurry up to Akihabara, the seiyu’s live concert will begin

You think that’s a good excuse to ditch work?

It is. After all, the purpose of the student council is to make sure all students are happy.

Onscreen: Absolute Happiness!

What about happiness, you irresponsible student council president?

As long as I’m here, I won’t let you have your way.

You actually hit me, you loser of a vice-president.


Please Wait a Moment

So, now we’ll start the student council meeting.

We should finish this before Etorofu-san’s violence goes out of control.

You should have done that from the start.

Today’s topic is what we should do for the culture festival.

Hey, hey, don’t just get excited over….

Etorofu-san, who’s…?

Wide eyes that reflect my face like a mirror

A small cat-like body that just makes me want to hug her

A fragile and quiet existence that seems like it will fade away at the slightest touch

Such a beauty is sitting there

The Legend of the Burning Galaxy

Hurry up and come back to THIS world


Etorofu-san, Etorofu-san. Don’t you think that girl is extremely cute? What do you think about her?

Seems like a first year, but I’ve never seen her face before

A transfer student?

I got it! She’s probably been here for a while, but has a difficult character and can’t make friends, probably

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