Penguin Musume Heart 13


Penguin Musume Heart 13It’s class time.

English class time.

And all the kids lent their little ears. The simple and loving heart of our dried food, and the house filled with simple souls.

And find the pleasure in all the simple joys remembering hot and happy summer days.

That was beautiforu English.

It’s “beautiful English” you pig-teache.

“The Princess of Badminton”

And now it’s lunch break.

Wow, it was amazing, Shirokuma’s English.

That’s a naive for you.

It’s “native”, Pen-chan.

Speaking of that, she was originally an American transfer student, right?

No wonder she’s great.

Huh, Chi is just as great.

Everyone else who transferred is great as well.

Mary-san is in the fencing club.

Play hard, beat them, beat them, fight, fight, do you best!

Kare-san is in the cheerleading club.

21 Otakus in a thrilling battle!

Kiyomi-san is a quiz game host.

Maguro-san is in the cooking club.

Everyone made themselves known in clubs.

Yeah, they’re a tough group.

And what about Kuma-san? Did she join any club?

Seems like everyone is too scared to ask her.

That’s such a waste. Kuma-san should have something she’s unbeatable in.

That must be her choice.

I’ve decided. I will scout Kuma-san for the student council.

You want me to join the student council?

Yes, I believe Kuma-san would do some great work there.

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