Penguin Musume Heart 12


How can your party compare to this?


Remember this, Nankyoku Sakura…

One day, I’ll rebuild everything and take revenge on the Nankyoku corporation.

Until then, wait for me.


If you want to join in on the birthday party, it’s fine though.

Yes! I want to join in!

We’ll join in too, Kujira.

It can’t be helped.


What wonderful friendship…

Are the photographs taken well?

O-Of course. We’ll be killed if they’re not taken properly.

Then, let’s retreat.

Enjoy the dream while it lasts…

Penguin and Bear-san are going to duel in badminton?

Using my White Bear ball, I’ll beat you flat!

White Bear ball?

Next Episode, Penguin Musume Heart.

Badminton Queen.

You are the Princess of Badminton instead!

If you don’t watch, you won’t be invited to join in the birthday party!

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