Penguin Musume Heart 12


Penguin Musume Heart 12Alright then, ready?

Everyone, smile please!

The “Pervert” scale of the battle between Pen-chan and Kuma-san resulted in a military enclosure.

However, it was brought about by the fighting between the supersized two.

Not only Nankyou Academy, but all of Nankyou Place has become a brown wilderness.

Therefore, we can only continue to have our lessons under the clear sky now.


Being able to have lessons under Grandpa Sun’s radiance, fresh, interesting, happy!

Dumb girl! Isn’t this your fault?

It’s true that Nankyou Academy was saved because of you,

but even destroying the streets… what were you trying to do?

Etorofu-san, I don’t want to be criticized by someone who doesn’t know anything.

Didn’t we pass you the power of love?!

It’s lesson time, I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up!

Ah! It’s Kuma-san.

That’s right. The students of White Bear Academy all transferred into Nankyou Academy.

Kuma-san, we’re in the same class, right? Pleased to meet you.

Why do I have to have lessons with these people?

Now, now. Don’t get angry, Bear-girl.

Although many things happened, we’re classmates now…

What’s wrong with you, your uniform is all tattered up?

That’s right. Since we have so much money, you can just buy a Pika-Pika uniform.

I`m being laughed at by you, Penguin?

Because of our battle, our White Bear household needed to pay ten billion yen!

Being unable to pay such a huge amount, our White Bear household is bankrupt!

The White Bear Corporation was dismantled!

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