Penguin Musume Heart 11


Penguin Musume Heart 11Regardless of what type of battle, victory will belong to me!

All of you, give me some love power!

Hurry up! Do you want to get butchered?!

Don’t kill me… I don’t want to die… Whitebear-sama…

I feel an increase of power!


Kuma-san is like a moe-sized figure!

What are you doing?! Let me go!

Stop it!

The outcome has been decided.

It’s because they don’t have enough love power.

Even if it isn’t enough, like hell I’d lose to you, Penguin!


I’ll never lose!

I won’t lose either!

For my friends that I love, Etorofu-san… Kurio-san… Cha-san…

also, Kaede, who gave me their love power!

Seriously, it’s embarrassing.


Look at me!

What uses are there for friends?!

The only thing you can believe in is your own power!

I don’t need friends!

What friends…


Please do not say that, Whitebear-sama!

We may not be reliable,

but we look up to Nee-sama in our hearts!

Mary Ojou-sama!

Because we all love Ojou-sama, that’s why we’re serving you for all this time.

From now on,

please let us stay by your side!


Those useless people…

Now, my love power will not lose to you!

Me too!

Let’s fight!



Both of our love power seems to be running out…

But why are you still standing?

You’re naive and cowardly…

And an otaku, but why…

That’s because…

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