Penguin Musume Heart 11 a


Penguin Musume Heart 11 aNankyoku watermelon.

Nankyoku coffee.

A frozen Nene-san.

A school swimsuit that carries the odor of a middle-aged man

And other ingredients that’ll be boiled gently into the pot.

There! One Nankyoku soba, finished!

Who can eat such crap?!

Hello, everyone!

Otaku 21 Returns

It’s time for Otaku 21.

Since we’ve become short on time, we’re going to have a quiz immediately.

Alright! Let’s give it a shot!

Then, first question!

How many re-takes were done during the dubbing of episode 1 of the popular,

currently running series Penguin Musume Heart when the original creator, Takahashi-sensei appeared as a guest?

Is it okay to answer?

Take this and bring it to the producer.


Oh, too bad. You guys are out of time.

That was too fast!

Then, second question!

Why has the popular, currently running Penguin Musume Heart

been broadcasting differently from the usual time?

Oh, these problems are all so difficult.

What kind of dictator is she?

Oh, too bad. You guys are out of time.

That’s why I said it’s fast!

How surprising! The next question is the last one!

Then, let’s continue to the very very last Otaku chance.

Why is the broadcasting time for the highly praised Penguin Musume heart constantly changing?

Even if we knew, we couldn’t answer any of these questions could we?!

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