Penguin Musume Heart 11 a


Penguin Musume Heart 11 aI, Nankyoku Sakura will make an announcement here.

We’re making a Penguin Musume Heart MAD!

What’s a MAD?

Ah, Kujira. A MAD is where scenes and sounds from an anime or movie

are rearranged and changed to create an completely different story!

On that note, we’re going to mess with the standard characters!


Basically, we’re going to put others into the characters!

Now, everyone! Please eat the rice cake with a character put inside!

Someone Who’s Had A Character Placed in Them #1


A good evening to you, Etorofu-dono.

Sabastian’s inside?!

Sakura-sama is so self-absorbed!

I always say people who only think of themselves are no-

From this place you can see these the best, so I prepared here.

How is your first fireworks show, Kaede?


Doing this just for me…

In this life…

I will completely change!

That’s gross!

Also the faces and the voices don’t even match up!

Eh? Is that so?

You’re so mean.

Ah, the fact that Kaede-chan switched with Sebastian means…

Someone Who’s Had A Character Placed in Them #2

No way…

My Shachihoko Golden Shoot was shot down!


Ojou-sama, I will… I will protect her!

Apologize! Apologize to Maid-san!

You’ve become such an amazing woman, haven’t you, Sakura onee-sama.

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