Penguin Musume Heart 11


Penguin Musume Heart 11Have a duel with me!

Penguin… fine.

I accept your challenge!

If I win,

you’re never allowed to bully the Four White Knights ever again!

Hold on, Penguin!

A duel… But that person is strong!

But Kuma-san is being mean!

She’s even worse than the Dangerous Bamboo Emperor!

Who the heck is that?!

Huh? You don’t know?

I’ve been waiting for you, Takenoko-chan.

Today will be your…

Episode 52 of Takenoko-chan,

the boss character Dangerous Bamboo Emperor which appeared.

Like hell we would know that!

What are you guys chit chatting about?

You shall decide on what we’ll compete on.

Now, hurry up!

Oh my, what shall we do?

There is no chance of Penguin winning anything!

Seems like it…

Regardless of what you say, I’ll still fight her!

Got it!

The only way you can win against that bear woman is…

Legendary Giant Labu Invokes.

A sumo showdown!

Listen, the only thing you have that can win against her is your pair of big but useless breasts.

No one can win against your size!

You can use your breasts to overcome her!

Kuma-san, I will not lose to you!

I’ll beat you up.

Nankyoku VS Shirokuma, it’s about to begin!

I, Mike Iwatobi, will be your commentator.

Aren’t you Sebastian?

No, I am Mike Iwatobi.



Both sides charged at the same time!

Just as I predicted, throw her out like that!

I… can’t…

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