Penguin Musume Heart 10


Penguin Musume Heart 10What do you plan to do by locking us up?

You all have been locked inside the Holy Territory.

If you want to escape from the Holy Territory, you need the key.

And this key is hidden in the most beautiful place in this world, under my skirt.

If you can flip my skirt and get the key, you win.

But if I flip every single one of your skirts, you lose.

Kneel down before Shirokuma-sama if you lose.

What the hell is this?!

A skirt flipping competition?

Oh my, oh my.

The name is “Death battle of the holy panties.”

You won’t run away, will you?

Yes, yes!

Even though I don’t understand, bring it on!

So you accepted it.

I saw the white panties!

Battle to the death, White Knights!

What the hell are you doing, you perverted woman!

You made me embarrass myself in front of Kujira!

Eh? What happened?

The three of you who had your skirts flipped, lost.

But you…

Oh my, oh my, that surprised me.

You protected your skirt from my light speed movements.

It seems like you’re qualified to be my opponent.

You… are not beautiful.

What did you say?

No matter what beautiful clothes you use to cover yourself,

all of that is fake.

You told a lie.

What are you talking about?!

I am the beautiful female knight that uses skirt tricks to protect Shirokuma-sama, Ijuin Kare.

You cannot fool me.

After lying to yourself and everyone, you feel painful, right?

This woman saw through me in a flash?!

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