Penguin Musume Heart 09


Penguin Musume Heart 09Penguin-san, you’ll have to try harder.

Are you alright?

The last of the last, Otaku Chance.

For you who haven’t answered any question correctly, this might be your last chance!

If you can answer the Otaku Chance correctly, you can pass through successfully!

However, if you don’t get it right…

What lies in your future is to be buried in the darkness, please be aware.

My my, that’s a big problem.

If you get this wrong, we won’t be going back alive.

You have to get it right this time, okay?

Yes, I’ll give it my best.

Then here’s the question!

In the year 595 of the western calendar, who was the historical figure that revised the ruling system

under the Buddhist guidance of a Korean Goguryo monk who came by ship?

Stop joking around! How can she answer such a hard question!?

Penguin-san, please answer the question.

The answer is Shotoku Taishi.

Shotoku Taishi is correct, but I was sure you wouldn’t get this one right!

That’s a given, how can I not know events regarding myself?

What’s with that face?

What is wrong with my face?

Let me explain.

The blood on Sakura Ojou-sama’s face has coincidentally become Shotoku Taishi cosplay.

And so, Sakura Ojou-sama’s penguin cosplay power was activated.

Pen-chan, that’s amazing~

I’m sorry, Shirokuma-sama, I’ve lost.

Eh? I just had a dream that I turned into some very important person…

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