Penguin Musume Heart 08


Penguin Musume Heart 08You’re so slow, Penguin!

What did you buy?

This! Look at it.

Takenoko-Chan Celeb Host’s “Be With You” limited edition handkerchief!

You can only get one by getting a Takenoko-chan DVD box set!

It’s so rare because there are only 20 in the world!

That’s probably because there are only 20 people in the world who’d want something like that.

Hey, a lot of others would want this!


A huge building was suddenly built next to my family’s building!

Are you showing off again?

You’re definitely going to say, “Tada! The new building’s finished!”

No, this isn’t Nankyoku Corporation’s building.

Whitebear Tower?

It’s much bigger than my family’s building.

Ah! The car’s bigger than my family’s, too!

Ah! It’s true.

The maid and butler are bigger too!

Hey, hey.

Even their family shut-ins are huge.

You have these people at your house, too?

Everything they have is bigger than Penguin’s family’s…

It’s as if they’re challenging them on purpose.

That’s impossible! How could…

That’s right, this is the Whitebear family’s challenge declaration.

Who are you?

The young misses of the Whitebear family. Whitebear Academy, Year 2 class 1.

Mary Chupacabra W. Whitebear.

You are…

Maguro has met you before.

I will never forget the humiliation from that day.

We would’ve come to “greet” you eventually.

Wash your neck while waiting.

Not at all, it’s our pleasure to meet you.

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