Penguin Musume Heart 07


Penguin Musume Heart 07I’m going, grandma.

The all-loving shrine maiden

After school.

Why do I have to clean up?

Because we’re on duty today, that’s why we have to clean up!

But if I don’t go back, I’ll miss the rerun of the Takenoko-chan SP!

Don’t you already have the full DVD set?

The rerun is different, different!

Alright, alright.

If everyone puts some spirit in and do their best, we’ll finish quickly.

Look, wasn’t there some famous person who said “Spirited people can do anything.”?

Are you Antonio?

Antonio is the famous person who said that phrase.

Nene’s amazing, she can keep smiling at any time.


Compared to me, I get pissed off easily when I encounter trouble.

Oh my, isn’t that great?

That suits Kujira’s style.

Kurio-san, Etorofu-san. Don’t slack, let’s start cleaning up.

I’m in a hurry.

Oh no!

Hey! You made the classroom dirtier, you careless Penguin!

Alright, alright, Kujira.

Aren’t you cute when you’re angry?

Ok, ok. Pen-chan should stop crying too.

Understood, I’ll recover my sins!

Oh, you only use “recover” for “pride,” also…

The way you’re holding the broom is incorrect, Pen-chan.

Look, you should hold it like this.

Applying power from the top, do you understand?


That Penguin is actually listening.

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