Penguin Musume Heart 06


Penguin Musume Heart 06First class of the day, PE.

I came back to Japan because I want Kujira to become my boyfriend.

Penguin wants Kujira… I cannot forgive her.

What is it?

Just then… I felt a weird chill.

Cha Chi-chan, pass us the ball.

The lovey dovey days with Chi’s Kujira is going to end today.

The legitimate Chi Fist successor Cha Chi will destroy you today.

Cha Chi Fist secret move - Cha Chi Golden Shot!



No way!

She didn’t get hit by Cha Chi’s Golden Shot!


Cha Chi Golden Shot - Double!


It’s weird today.

You’re the one that’s weird… Nankyoku Sakura.

What did you do?

That Is My Chi’s Master.

Did you watch the Takenoko-chan last time?

Nankyoku Sakura…

Perhaps she’s a super strong swordsman.

But, if Chi is afraid… Chi will never get back Kujira…

This is the perfect chance when she has no defense.

Ch-Cha-chan… What are you doing?

Damn you Penguin… Chi will remember you!

What was that?

I won’t allow you to attack Ojou-sama.

What are you doing?

Oh, it’s a coincidence.

Ojou-sama and Etorofu-dono…

Etorofu-dono my ass…

You perverted butler!

If Chi doesn’t get stronger…

Chi cannot defeat Penguin.

Are there any good ways?

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