Penguin Musume Heart 05


Penguin Musume Heart 05Penguin’s residence - Nankyoku Building.


An enormous bear sign appeared next to it.

The view is great, Maguro.

Yes, Mary ojou-sama.

Nankyoku Sakura’s residence, the Nankyoku Building.

363 meters tall.

My White Bear Tower is 414 meters tall.

This difference is the difference between you and me, Nankyoku Sakura.


Send her this challenge letter.


Penguin, you should beg for mercy from me!

Maria-sama ga Miteru.

That Penguin… What kind of mansion is she going to bring us to?

If it’s Pen-chan, she’ll probably take us to Narusawa.

Yeah, she’s super rich.


Who are you?

Are you here to challenge me?


Who is it… At this time…

Chuu torokki~

Chuu torokki is a way of greeting through SMS, it shows that you’re shy.

I’m sorry for bothering you!

Nice to meet you.

I’m one of the Four White Knights, Kongou no Maguro desu~

After seeing Kujira-chan’s picture, I wanted to meet the real person!

You look cuter than the photo~

Huh? It’s you?

W-What is this?

Please give this letter to Penguin-chan!

P-l-e-a-s-e ♥

Use your mouth, your mouth!

What was that…

You already have Chi as a fiance, how can you accept love letters from another girl!

Kujira, you playboy!

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