Penguin Musume Heart 04


Penguin Musume Heart 04Hokkyoku Town - Fireworks Festival!

Wow, there’s a lot of people!

Everyone must have a lot of time.

Do you know a good spot where we can watch the fireworks?

Yeah, that might be a problem.

You go there, and you go there to look.



Etorofu onee-sama, how do you do?

Eh? Got lost?

Yes, the one that took me here to watch the fireworks got lost instead.

He must be really dumb.

That’s bad… Who got lost?

Is it your friend?

It’s Onee-sama.

Penguin, so it’s you!

Walking around under the night sky.

30 minutes earlier.

Kaede! Come, they’re going to start the fireworks soon!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Come, let’s go.


Onee-sama suddenly ran away like that and disappeared.

That’s unreasonable!

She probably saw something related to Takenoko-chan and lost control of herself.

It has to be like that.

If it’s like that, it’ll troublesome.


Even though it bothers us, there’s still no reason to wait.

Now, the whole of Nankyoku KB mobile force is finding her.

But… there’s still no sign of her…

We’ll help to find Penguin too, okay?



We’re on the same boat.

Honestly, Onee-sama… If I find you, I’ll send you into the lecture-house for 5 hours…

What type of room is it?

Hey, Penguin!


Answer if you can hear us!

Onee-sama, where are you?

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