Penguin Musume Heart 03


Penguin Musume Heart 03Everyone’s here, right?

Now, we’ll begin our student council meeting.

I’ll start with collecting up the reports from last time.


Here, Chi is here too!

Why is Cha-chan in the student council?

I cannot let my fiance Kujira go to a weird meeting with only girls.

It’s not that you cannot come, but just behave yourself.

The student council president must’ve brought hers, right?

I forgot!

What are you doing?!

I really did the report, I just left it at home!

But you hit me because of that, how could you?!

You liar! You idiot! You didn’t do it!

OK… Both of you stop it and start the meeting.

Excuse me.

I came to deliver something you’ve forgotten, Sakura onee-sama.

Sakura… onee-sama?

Penguin’s little sister?!

My sister is a 3rd grader.

Did you purposely bring it?

Not bad.


Honestly, Onee-sama… How could you forget such an important report at home?

If I didn’t find it, what would you do?

S-Sorry… S-Sorry…

She’s actually getting lectured by her little sister.

Didn’t I always tell you to not to bring trouble to the others?

S-Sorry… But please don’t bring me to the lecture-room…

What is the lecture-room?

I’ve forgotten to introduce myself…

I am Nankyoku Sakura’s little sister.

I’m a 3rd grader in Hokkyoku elementary school, my name is Kaede.

I’m sorry for all the trouble that my sister is bringing.

Such a mature girl!

I’ve already reminded her yesterday to remember to bring her stuff.

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