Penguin Musume Heart 02


Penguin Musume Heart 02You idiotic child!

As a successor to the holy Etorofu Dojo.

How long do you plan to continue cross-dressing?

I am a girl!

Cut the talk.

Don’t forget, you will have to succeed over me.

You will have to become a man who can succeed over the Etorofu Karate.

I told you… I am…

If you understand, you should go to school already… idiotic child.

You idiotic father!

Hey, the Etorofu Dojo is burning!

Hurry up and call 119!

That’s why… I didn’t wear my uniform today.


Kujira’s father is a weird person.

Ha? He’s just annoying.

But why would he call Etorofu-san his son?

My father is a teacher of Etorofu Karate.

To allow me to succeed the dojo and Etorofu Karate.

Save me!

He raised me as a boy.

AH! As a boy?!

Male version of Etorofu-san…

Someone who can move your heart.

Mmm… I feel like I’ve seen this before.

Now I understand why Etorofu-san is so strong!

But I’ve noticed… I am actually a girl.

That’s why you’re arguing with your father?

It’ll be too late by the time he realizes.

I can’t wear female clothes or have a cute hairstyle like everyone else.

If it’s possible, I would like to become a normal girl.

Then Etorofu-san, if you become a normal girl, what will you do first?

Of course, I’ll beat the crap out of my father.

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