Penguin Musume Heart 19


Penguin Musume Heart 19Onee-sama went to save Marie-san?


It’s an emergency situation.

Let’s hurry, Etorofu-san.

I’m…not going.

My Otome

Cha Chi-chan…

Cha Chi-chan!

This is nothing compared to Kujira’s punch.

I wonder how long your powers will last.

Slow! You’re so slow!

Sh-She’s strong…

Cha Chi-chan.

If it’s come to this, I have to use my ultimate technique.

Ultimate technique?

A technique that uses all of Chi’s energy and blasts it in the enemy.

If you use that, what will happen to you?

Even if Chi is defeated, Kujira will take care of everything.

Well, Kujira is Chi’s hero after all. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 18


Penguin Musume Heart 18A Lovely Incident

Is everyone alright?

Yes, somehow.

Man, I’m all messed up.

Stupid Aka-chan. The Zombie Operation was dangerous.

I mustn’t cry.

That’s why the vice-president always says I’m not trustworthy.

You can do it, Riff!

Weird girl.

Anyway, let’s get the cardkey from her and get back.

Uhm, are you alright?

I don’t want any of you to worry…

But you will all be taken care of here.

What did you say?

I’m sorry!

Hand over the cardkey!

We won’t hurt you.

If I do, the president will get mad at me.

Then, it can’t be helped.

A weak-looking girl like you has no chance against us. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 17


Penguin Musume Heart 17The preparations for lunch are ready, Ojou-sama!

Freshly poured water…

Freshly bought sweet bread…

It even has a prize.

We’re really poor, aren’t we?

I’m sorry. It really doesn’t match your tastes.

I’m getting used to eating like a commoner.

I’m jealous that you get along so well.

What’s with her?

I-I’m sorry.

I am the Administrator Executive of Kurobara Communications, Riff.

The writing is horrible.

Is that Marie Chupacabra White Bear-san?


You are. I’m so happy.

I-I’m kind of embarrassed

To have to bother you like this.

What are you talking about?

It’s sudden, but I’ll have to take you, Marie-san. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 16


Penguin Musume Heart 16Oh, right. We are fiancéed-like people.

Not lovers but engaged?

Hey, are you alright?

It doesn’t hurt anywhere.

S-Sis. I’ve fallen in love with you

I love you, Sis.

Mr. Good-looking….

Hold on….

Mr. Good-looking, you idiot!

You’re engaged to Ms. Miko, you said I was cute, you fell in love with this lady!

You’re horrible Mr. Good-looking!


That girl…was she in love with Kujira?

I like her too, but I like Sis better.

Look here…

You can’t be in love with me!


Oh, I don’t care that you are older.

That’s not the problem!

Anyway, be good and forget all about me! Got it? Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 15


Penguin Musume Heart 15That is very rude!

Of course I’ve had a boy confess to me.

For real? Who’d confess to this perverted girl?

It’s true, I remember it as clear as the first Takenoko-chan episode.

You see? You’re confusing anime with reality.

Six years ago there was no Takenoko-chan.

Oh, Pen-chan, you were confessed to in your childhood?

I will never forget.

Our first meeting, at the shopping district.

Wow, you’re REALLY cute!

It’s still embarrassing to think about.

Is the shopping district somewhere to go?

And then? And then?

I’m glad you’re listening!

From here on, it’s the real thing.

After we parted at the shopping district… Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 14


Penguin Musume Heart 14At the student council meeting…

Onscreen: Hokkyou Academy Student Council Regular Meeting

I’m telling you.

Today is the day the Takanoko-chan V DVD goes on sale

Oh? And?

So if I don’t hurry up to Akihabara, the seiyu’s live concert will begin

You think that’s a good excuse to ditch work?

It is. After all, the purpose of the student council is to make sure all students are happy.

Onscreen: Absolute Happiness!

What about happiness, you irresponsible student council president?

As long as I’m here, I won’t let you have your way.

You actually hit me, you loser of a vice-president.


Please Wait a Moment Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 13


Penguin Musume Heart 13It’s class time.

English class time.

And all the kids lent their little ears. The simple and loving heart of our dried food, and the house filled with simple souls.

And find the pleasure in all the simple joys remembering hot and happy summer days.

That was beautiforu English.

It’s “beautiful English” you pig-teache.

“The Princess of Badminton”

And now it’s lunch break.

Wow, it was amazing, Shirokuma’s English.

That’s a naive for you.

It’s “native”, Pen-chan.

Speaking of that, she was originally an American transfer student, right?

No wonder she’s great.

Huh, Chi is just as great.

Everyone else who transferred is great as well. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 12


Penguin Musume Heart 12Alright then, ready?

Everyone, smile please!

The “Pervert” scale of the battle between Pen-chan and Kuma-san resulted in a military enclosure.

However, it was brought about by the fighting between the supersized two.

Not only Nankyou Academy, but all of Nankyou Place has become a brown wilderness.

Therefore, we can only continue to have our lessons under the clear sky now.


Being able to have lessons under Grandpa Sun’s radiance, fresh, interesting, happy!

Dumb girl! Isn’t this your fault?

It’s true that Nankyou Academy was saved because of you,

but even destroying the streets… what were you trying to do?

Etorofu-san, I don’t want to be criticized by someone who doesn’t know anything. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 11


Penguin Musume Heart 11Have a duel with me!

Penguin… fine.

I accept your challenge!

If I win,

you’re never allowed to bully the Four White Knights ever again!

Hold on, Penguin!

A duel… But that person is strong!

But Kuma-san is being mean!

She’s even worse than the Dangerous Bamboo Emperor!

Who the heck is that?!

Huh? You don’t know?

I’ve been waiting for you, Takenoko-chan.

Today will be your…

Episode 52 of Takenoko-chan,

the boss character Dangerous Bamboo Emperor which appeared.

Like hell we would know that!

What are you guys chit chatting about?

You shall decide on what we’ll compete on.

Now, hurry up! Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 11 a


Penguin Musume Heart 11 aI, Nankyoku Sakura will make an announcement here.

We’re making a Penguin Musume Heart MAD!

What’s a MAD?

Ah, Kujira. A MAD is where scenes and sounds from an anime or movie

are rearranged and changed to create an completely different story!

On that note, we’re going to mess with the standard characters!


Basically, we’re going to put others into the characters!

Now, everyone! Please eat the rice cake with a character put inside!

Someone Who’s Had A Character Placed in Them #1


A good evening to you, Etorofu-dono.

Sabastian’s inside?!

Sakura-sama is so self-absorbed!

I always say people who only think of themselves are no- Далее…