Tears to Tiara 07


Tears to Tiara 07Warriors of Gael!

For the sake of our tribe’s honor, and for the sake of fighting until the end,

we must train ourselves hard!

Listen, this is what is known as festina lente!

“Festina lente,” as in make haste slowly?

Essentially, impatience is one’s greatest enemy.

Even if one rushes forth impatiently,

without the ability to back it up, one will be stopped.

That’s why, in order to become strong, one must put in great effort.

If you understand, let’s—

Hey! Don’t tell me the chief is going to slack first?!

You’re stealing food again!

I’m not stealing!

I asked Limwris.

Yes, she did.

Morgan, if you fool around here, Далее…

Tears to Tiara 06


Tears to Tiara 06What’s that?

Lord Arawn.

Who are you?

Yes, I am Llyr.

On behalf of my people, I have come to congratulate you on your revival.

You are of the elves?

Yes, the passage for the elves opened and I came here with great haste.

I was a little tired, so I wanted to take a rest,

but before I knew it,

I was pulled back into the ocean by the high tide.

I-I see.

There are tides here, aren’t there?

I forgot about that…

Once again, I congratulate you on your revival!

I was ordered to provide my service to you, Lord Arawn.



Then do your best.



You’re pretty good! Далее…

Tears to Tiara 05


Tears to Tiara 05Where exactly are they hiding?

Lord Gaius, judging by the ocean currents,

I am afraid it is likely they went southwest of the islands.


What should we do now?

Head to Londinium.


Yeah, I have something to do.

Yes, sir…

Well, we need to relax before a big battle.

Tell the troops we’ll be resting for a bit.

Yes, sir!

What do you think?

In order to revive the castle,

I’ve removed the barrier from the Gate of Life.

It’s only a matter of time before they find us.

It’s still too early for war.

That does not mean they will wait until we are ready.

I know that. Далее…

Tears to Tiara 04


Tears to Tiara 04So we’ve made it this far.


Live, and let’s meet again.

Shall we swear by those words, and by this final battle?

Not by this battle,

but by the new world we will now create.

So this is the island of Albion!

This is the land of our ancestors.

Nothing much seems to have changed since then.

Perhaps. Who knows?

Let’s head to the Castle of Avalon first.

We’ll be able to see Avalon after we pass through this forest.

The castle of the master of this land, huh?

That master is also the king of elves, right?


I’ve heard that elves often use magic to play tricks on humans.

Will we be fine? Далее…

Tears to Tiara 03


Tears to Tiara 03We, the Gael tribe, will abandon the island of Erin…

and head toward the island of Albion.

The abundant land of Albion is much better than that of Erin.

The harvest will be better and the livestock will be healthier and bigger.

The migration will be tough, but let’s work hard together!

Were you the one behind their decision to go to Albion?

Is it not a good thing?

How magnificent.

This reminds me of the army we assembled on the outskirts of Albion.

Don’t be silly, this is nowhere near that.

Nevertheless, both are magnificent, aren’t they?

Who’s there?!

You over there in black! Let’s have a duel!

Who are you? Далее…

Tears to Tiara 02


Tears to Tiara 02Riannon!

How dare you disrupt this sacred ceremony?!

Who are you?!

I am Arthur, First Warrior of Gael!

My sister is in danger and I’m here to take her back.

Riannon is the daughter of our late chief.

According to our custom, he who marries the chief’s daughter will become the next chief.

Even though you knew, you still took Riannon away.

You’re threatening the continuation of our bloodline!

Return her to me,

or I’ll make sure your head is separated from your body forever!

How dare an insignificant savage threaten me with his blade?

Return Riannon to me if you value your life!

She will die whether you kill me or not. Далее…

Tears to Tiara 01


Tears to Tiara 01According to the Emerald Book:

There was an Age of Gold.

There was an Age of Silver.

There was an Age of Bronze.

Then there was the Age of Dragons, the Age of Giants, the Age of Elves,

and right now, we are in the Age of Iron.

It is also known as…

the Age of Humans.

O’ Morning Star, everything will be fine, will it not?

O’ Morning Star, the guardian star of our Gael tribe,

please grant me courage.

Brother, you understand too, do you not?

A small twinkling in the stars has told me that the fated time has come.

Please grant me the determination to surmount this danger…

Please grant me the courage to accomplish this task, no matter what happens, without fear or panic. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 22


Penguin Musume Heart 22Let’s go!




Double Straight Max!

How’s that?

Learn your lesson, fiend!

Our power of friendship is the light of justice that crushes evil.

Huh? She’s gone.

Did she fall?

Our fists didn’t work… On her?

You pass, Sakura.


What’s this about “passing”, you’re an enemy?!

Are you making fun of us?

Penguin, let’s give her another Double Straight.

What are you shaking for?



The World will be Destroyed so Run!

Why is mama over here?

Mama you say?

What do you mean?

That’s the enemy president, right?

She was an enemy a few seconds ago, but now she’s mama. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 21


Penguin Musume Heart 21In such a raged down shape, what can you do?

It’s not raged down.

It’s my beloved Etorofu cosplay attire.


Sakura & Kujira! Togeher we are Magi Cure.


I’m counting on you, Kujira.


Man! That Penguin in nothing but trouble.

Even if it’s you, climbing that is impossible.

Sebastian, bring the helicopter.

I don’t want your help.


From here on, I’ll do it myself.

Save Sakura-oneesama, please.

Stay safe until I get there, Penguin.

Etorofu Straight!

Etorofu Kick!

That’s weird. I can’t hit her.

Even though I’m cosplaying as Etorofu-san. Далее…

Penguin Musume Heart 20


Penguin Musume Heart 20Kuma-san, I’m coming to save you now.

Nankyoku Sakura, costume change, power up!

Sakura in trouble?!

Oh, Sakura… my Sakura… how cute…

Hey, you!

What are you planning?

Who are you, anyways?

It’s Sakura’s and my time from here on.

I don’t need a lure anymore.

You… in order to lure Penguin, you…

Just for that, you put my White Knights through so much trouble?!

You! I won’t forgive you!

I couldn’t see her move at all…

She’s strong.

I don’t like disobedient girls.


Ah… my beloved Sakura…

You, what are you going to do with Penguin?!

What am I going to do? Далее…